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5 Minute Bliss

Courtney E Ackerman
A more joyful, connected & fulfilled "You" in just 5 minutes a day. Discover more than 200 easy ways to find everyday bliss and add joy to your life in less than 5 minutes. When you live with intention and stay true to your purpose, you open the door to lasting fulfillment and joy, a state of bliss. 5-Minute Bliss shows you how to find and maintain your bliss through fun, quick mindfulness exercises and techniques that allow you to find positivity within your mind and body, as well as in your relationships and surroundings. Whether you are facing a challenge, dealing with an emotionally difficult day, or simply want to celebrate the good things in your life, 5-Minute Bliss is full of inspiration and practical techniques to promote feelings of joy and contentment in mere minutes. The exercises in this book are a perfect escape for any day and are bound to leave you feeling happy and satisfied with life, in a true state of bliss that so you can reengage with world in a meaningful, productive way.
ABC Mindful Me

Christine Engel
Come with us and learn what it means to be mindful! From Awareness to Zen and everything in between. Take a deep breath, find some quiet space and together we will discover the magic of mindfulness. Beautiful hard back board-book format for even very young children. Lovely pictures and story and includes explanations of some of the terms used, and suggestions for play and experimenting. A book your child can grow into.
Breathing Through The Whole Body

Will Johnson
The Buddha's instructions on integrating mind, body & breath. Explaining how stillness in meditation refers not to a rigid and frozen body but to a quality of mind, Will Johnson returns us to the original teachings of the Buddha with simplicity and elegance; exploring the complete series of steps for deepening awareness of the breath. He shows us how to invite natural, responsive movement back into the posture of meditation by extending breath awareness beyond the nostrils, lungs and abdomen to the entire body leading directly to the expanse of liberation.
Destination Simple - Everyday Rituals For A Slower Life

Brooke Mcalary
Simplify your life from the inside out. By doing simple daily rituals, you will learn to embrace a slower, more intentional life & rediscover your health, energy & passion. The author was diagnosed with postnatal depression, and used these techniques to feel in control of her days, minimise her stress & find a pocket of peace on even the busiest day. She also learnt to empty her mind which resulted in better sleep & now integrates mindfulness & gratitude into her daily life. This book is perfect for teens feeling the stress of life, or a beginner at meditation and mindfulness. Simple and powerful.
Falling Into Easy

Dee Willcock
Help for those who can't meditate, making it simple practical & accessible. We all know meditation will benefit us, physically, mentally & spiritually, but many of us struggle to still our minds & find that illusive "present moment". As with alot of spirituality, it is about "unlearning" the habits that have created the stress in our lives we wish to be rid of. Meditation demystified.
Good Morning Yoga

Mariam Gates & Sarah Jane Hinder
A pose by pose wake up story to get your kids motivated and moving in the mornings. Gets them focused on their breathing and the fun poses focus on things they will know, such as downward dog, the boat, bridge and others, and ends with sitting still, calm and attentive again to the breath. Beautiful illustrations. One of our most popular books.
Good Night Yoga

Mariam Gates & Sarah Jane Hinder
A pose by pose bedtime story for kids. As well as being A beautiful story, it's a practice for kids and parents to end the day in a calming, mindful way. Turn the page & stretch like a tree, sparkle like a star, float like a cloud & you'll be dreaming soon.....
Handbag Meditations

Alison Nancye
Chill out on the run. A book for women who are too busy or too stressed to meditate. It is an easy to use guide designed to fit into a busy women's life, wheather at home, work or out & about with family. Discover super quick ways to relax, reduce stress, feel energised, and get focused using meditation. A fantastic handbag accessory.
Indigo Dreaming - Meditations for Children

Amy Hamilton
This is a great little book to introduce your kids to meditation & it also includes suggestions for parents, caregivers & teachers to enhance the process. The meditations are all short and contain a lovely positive message. Perfect for bedtime.
Meditation For Beginners incl CD

Jack Cornfield
A Guided Meditation Book and Cd for Insight, Inner Clarity, and Cultivating a Compassionate Heart. Using the six meditations you will discover how easy it is to use your breath, physical sensations-and even difficult emotions-to create tranquility and loving kindness in your everyday life.


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