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Yoga and Exercise

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Seated Tai Chi for Arthritus DVD

Dr Paul Lam
A safe and easy-to-learn program to relieve pain & improve health & quality of life. 6 individual lessons.
Shaolin Qi Gong Book/DVD

Shi Xinggui
The Author is a Shaolin Monk, and he explains the fundamental principle of Qi Gong - the art of mastering energy, and moving it through the body. Clear demonstrations are provided of all the positions and movements. Short form and long form exercises are both given in daily lessons, and attention is given to heart centering, organ strengthening, and balancing the energy using the 3 dantians - the 3 energy centres of the body. A 53 minute DVD is included. "It is necessary to cultivate the art of slowness in movement and breathwork."
Tai Chi For Beginners DVD. The 24 Forms

Mind Body Soul
An excellent introduction to Tai Chi that is suitable for beginners, and people of all ages. The style is Tai Chi Chuan, and it is a soft, internal martial art, that has been practised in China for thousands of years. It uses flowing graceful movements, combined with the power of breath, to bring balance and alignment to mind, body and spirit.
Yoga For Your Eyes DVD

Meir Schneider PhD, LMT
Natural Vision Improvement Exercises. Complete DVD program with 65 page study guide and eye exercise chart. You can improve your vision, without glasses or expensive surgery as the author has. He was born legally blind, and now drives a car without glasses. Simple exercises to do daily, information on how the eyes work, and how you can reduce strain. A complete course in vision improvement that you can do at home, and make part of your daily routine.

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