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David H Wagner
The modern man's ultimate guide to purpose, passion and power. Backbone combines no-nonsense wisdom with brutally honest excerises to help men find their purpose and be on track with their vision. access and hone their spiritual and emotional intelligence, get freedom from unhelpful beliefs, patterns and habits and live an amazing, powerful, passion-filled life.
Ghosted and Breadcrumbed

Dr Marni Feuerman
Stop falling for unavailable men and get smart about healthy relationships. The lure of the unavailable man is a mystery to many. Why is she wasting her time? But, for many others, it is a deepseated pattern. Time and again, they fall for someone who for one reason or another will never return their feelings. The object of their affection may be emotionally unavailable, married, or even pathologically cruel. The woman who routinely finds herself in this situation suffers mightily, feeling rejected, unloved, undesirable. She wonders what is wrong with her. With empathy and compassion, Dr. Marni Feuerman helps women see their situations clearly, understand the historical, emotional, and psychological reasons behind their actions, and, most importantly, make better choices for themselves. Feuerman unpacks the cliché about not being able to control the other’s behavior, only one’s own, with clear exercises and action steps. While the emphasis is on understanding and changing one’s own behavior, profiles of the reliably unreliable/unavailable are given to make “red flags” undeniable. And while the subject of unfulfilling relationships is not a happy one, Feuerman has positive messages for sufferers. Initially painful insights breed clarity and confidence. The end of a destructive relationship clears the way for a positive one. And being “in love” means not just loving, but being loved.
Madly In Love With Me

Christine Arylo
The daring adventure of becoming your own best friend. This witty, soulful book makes loving yourself not only possible but fun. Discover practical, fun ways to explore and embody Self-Love every day and in every part of your life. Shower yourself with loving words instead of criticism and comparison; choose the situations and relationships that make you the happiest.
The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman
The secret to love that lasts. Learning to meet your loved ones deep emotional need to be loved. If we learn "their" love language, not try to force "ours" upon them, the love we share will be beyond anything we ever felt when we were simply inflatuated. Millions of couples have transformed their lives using this book. There is an easy questionaire to tell which language you relate to best. Also available are a men's, teen's & children's editions just to make it more understandable for them, but they are all based on this book which contains the original core teachings.
The Choice for Love

Barbara De Angelis
Entering into a new enlightened relationship with yourself, others & the world. From the moment we are born & through every day of our lives, each of us is travelling on a mysterious, relentless, passionate & sometimes perplexing journey in search of the experience of love. Love however isn't simply an emotion, behaviour, or even the bond you feel with another, it's a supercharged, light-drenched, limitless vibrational field of infinite divine energy that is our essential nature. The true search for love then, must be directed within, where we discover the love we've been seeking in countless ways has been inside us all along. When you make a shift & discover the energy of love, your relationship with everybody & everything will also shift. Choose to open to the experience of love, using the tools, guidance & wisdom in this book & become aware of the unfathomable treasure that your heart holds.
The Multi Orgasmic Man

Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava
This book contains sexual secrets every man should know. It explains how any man can experience multiple orgasms, and dramatically enhance their sexual potential.Techniques are both physical and psychological, and combine today's science with the power of the anicent Taoist traditions of sexual wisdom. Enjoy the best sex of your life, and enhance your health and well being in the process.
The New Relationship Blueprint

Nancy Levin
10 steps to reframe the way you love. The main message here is showing you how to love deeply, without losing yourself. If your relationships keep falling apart, your current one isn't fulfilling you, or you are single & looking for love, know that this is an "inside job". In the old paradigm, you put your partners needs before your own, didn't have clear boundaries or take personal time out, often pushed down your feelings so as not to rock the boat, & closeness & intimacy are a distant memory. Sound familar? What if you took care of yourself first? The relationship will be stronger because of it. Open & honest communication is the foundation of strong relationships, & as your trust grows, you will no longer project your past onto the present or feel you need to protect yourself, so you can open up & be deeply in love without losing yourself.
The Way of the Superior Man

David Deida
A spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work and sexual desire. This book will offend and infuriate some, inspire and test others, but challenge virtually everybody. Strong sexuality is discussed within strong spirituality. It is a shout from the heart of one perspective of the eternal masculine.

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