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Bridging Two Realms

John Holland
Learn to communicate with your loved ones on the other side. There could be many reasons why you are drawn to this book. Are you looking for answers as to what happens to your loved ones after they have passed, or perhaps sychronicity had a part to play. Perhaps you have had your own psychic experiences. This book was written to provide you with all the answers to your questions about the "other side". Drawing on his decades of experience working with "spirit" he offers the clearest pictures about the spirit world & also includes inspirational stories and real-life case studies to help you understand & perhaps unfold your own spiritual abilities safely & wisely. Mediumship is not just connecting to the spirit world, it is just as much about helping & healing the living. The most important bridge is the one to your own spirit.
Destiny Of Souls

Michael Newton
New case studies of life between lives. 67 people just like you recall their life between lives through spiritual hypnotherapy. Explore the meaning behind your own spiritual memories. Learn about our prupose on Earth, spirit guides, why we choose certian bodies, soulmates, soul-brain connection, and much more.
Dodging Energy Vampires

Christiane Northrup MD
An empath's guide to evading relationships that drain you & restoring your health & power. Highly sensitive people, or empaths, see life through the eyes of compassion & caring. They were born that way & as a result they carry a tremendous amount of inner light, but as a result they are also the favoured prey of "vampires" who feed off empaths' energy & disrupt their lives on every level - physical, emotional & financial. You will receive information on how to spot them, dodge their tactics & take back your own energy. You will delve into the dynamics of vampire-empath relationships & discover how vampires use others' energy to feed their own disfunctional lives. Once you recognise the patterns of behaviour that mark these relationships, you will be empowered to identify & remove the vampires from your life too. There is a whole toolbox of techniques you can use to leave these harmful relationships behind & heal from the darkness they cast over your mind, body & spirit. You will be amazed at how bright your light will shine once dis-entangled. You will be healthier, happier, wealthier & more vibrant than you ever beleived possible.
Dying To Wake Up

Dr Rajiv Parti MD
The true story of a medical doctor's journey into the afterlife & the self-healing wisdom he brought back. Before his "Near Death Experience" this wealthy Doctor was the last person to beleive in heaven or hell, until he saw them with his own eyes. Passing through the tortures of hell guided by his dead Father & Archangles, he reviewed the struggles of his previous lives, reflecting the same struggles in his current incarnation. Finally he experienced heaven & from the Angels he learned lessons of spiritual health that they insisted he bring back to Earth. He awoke a new man; gave away his mansion, quit his career & opened a wellness clinic. He also completely turned around his relationships with his family. A story of true transformation.

Malcolm Bell
An amazing journey into the mystical realms of the supernatural & paranormal. This is an autobiography of sorts, into Malcolm's amazing life journey; his ability to whisper horses back to health at an early age, his healing & mediumship abilities which have developed over the years & his willingness to share his gift with the world. He lives on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns & regularly visits the Cairns Spiritual Centre. There is no blueprint for the spiritual seeker, each journey is a calling from within. Reading this book may help you get in touch with your own magic & get your feet firmly on your own spiritual path.
Energetic Boundaries

Cyndi Dale
How to stay protected & connected in work, love & life. Just as our physical body is protected by our skin, our psyche & spirit have energetic boundaries, that keep out harmful influences. These boundaries, mostly invisible to the naked eye are more than just defenses, they are our soul's way of communicating to the universe what we do & do not wish to experience in life. They shape & define who we are. This is a guide for stretching, strengthening & shoring up the energy field, which is the most vital force in your physical & emotional health.
How To Create Positive Energy In Your Space

Kasi Kaye Ilopoulos
Transmute discordant energy & activate light & positive energy in your home & environment. The energy that is outside of us in our environment definately does affect our energy field & therefore our soul vibration. This book will assist you to harmonise your environment by looking at the location & structure & harmonising it by crystal gridding, Himalayan salt placement, decluttering, cleansing & interior design. She also offers suggestions using colour therapy, chakras, plants, flowers, aromas, sound, sacred geometry & symbology to manifest light & positive energy in your home & space.
How To Read The Akashic Records

Linda Howe
Accessing the archive of the soul and it's journey. For thousands of years, mystics and sages from various world traditions have read the Akashic Records - a dynamic repository that holds information about every soul and it's journey. Access to the Akashic Records has long been considered the privilege of a select few. Now this infinite source of wisdom and healing energy is available to you. It can answer your questions; What is my life purpose, Is this relationship healthy for me, Should I open a new business???? This is the first book of it's kind, to help navigate these timeless records of the soul. You will learn to confidently read the records for yourself and others, and connect to this divine resource for joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

Paul Fenton-Smith
Keys to unlocking your inner wisdom. Well developed intuition can help you achieve success in love, career & your social life. Discover the closely guarded secrets of a professional clairvoyant through games & exercises, as you learn these powerful psychic techniques. At any moment in life you stand between your footprints & your future. Your life is both a gift & a puzzle. Strengthening your intuition helps you understand this puzzle, which then allows you to enjoy your gift. Many techniques are given in an easy to follow sequence from this very experienced and effective psychic.
Intuitive Studies

Gordon Smith
A complete course in Mediumship. Many people long to be more intuitive and would love to be able to connect with Spirit. Developing your intuitive gifts will be something that brings you joy, clarity & more contentment in your life. Containing simple, easy to follow exercises, this book will sharpen your psychic senses, open yourself to receive communication from your spirit guides & interpret the telepathic language of spirit. Once you have mastered these skills, you will be guided on the next stage of your journey; learning to use this special energy to help others.


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