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Anger Releasing CD

Louise Hay
Visulization exercises for realising negative feelings and unexpressed anger to maximise your true inner potential.
Buddhism A beginners guide to inner peace and fulfillment CD

Jack Kornfield
Trusted teacher Jack Kornfield presents a beginners guide to Buddhist teachings and practice. You will hear the story of Siddhartha's enlightenment under the Bohdi Tree, the core wisdom of the Four Nobel Truths, and the Eightfold Path, essentials of Buddhism's many branches and practices. Two traditional guided meditations follow, Mindfulness and Lovingkindness, to help awaken the heart, and live fully and compassionately in the moment.
Change Your Thoughts Meditation CD

Wayne Dyer
" Do the Tao Now" On this CD you will be taken on a compelling journey through all 81 verses of the "Tao". He offers affirmations, and unique meditation techniques that you can apply directly to your life.
Getting Into The Vortex Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Living a better-feeling life really comes down to one thing only: "Coming into alignment with the energy of our Source" Abraham reminds us that we are truly "Source Energy" focused into our physical bodies, and that a conscious connection to that broader non-physical part of us is necessary if we are to be the joyful beings that we were born to be. Every aspect of our physical being relates to our alignment with, or resistance to that connection. This unique recording contains four powerfully guided meditations that have been designed to get you into the Vortex of creation, in four basic areas of your life. General well-being; Physical well-being; Relationships and Financial well-being. This is a user friendly tool, that will get "YOU" into the Vortex.
Guided Meditations for Difficult Times 3 CD Set

Jack Kornfield
Finding your inner lamp of guidance & courage in the darkness. We all face difficult times, but how can we meet these situations with a compassionate heart & a clear mind? Inside each one of us is an inner light that Jack calls "the one who knows" Awakening to this wisdom can help us find our way through pain & suffering with grace, tenderness & curiosity. There are eight practices for reconnecting to our inner guide, to skillfully navigate life's storms.
Letting Go Of Anxiety CD

Sarah Edelman
Deep Relaxation, Imagery and Breathing Exercises for Releasing Anxiety CD. 1.Progressive Muscle Relaxation 2. Diaphragmatic Breathing 3. Self-Talk for Releasing Anxiety 4. Visualisation Exercise 5. Isometric and Cue-Controlled relaxation 6. Inner Guide Imagery Total Running time 54 mins. Sarah Edelman is an Australian, so her soothing voice is easy on the ear. She leave sicences between instructions, to enable us to settle in our own way, and become comfortable in the silence. Feed-back from our customers: "Yes, it works, it's fantastic"!
Magic Moments Cd

Sarah Edelman Phd.
Contains a range of guided meditation and relaxation exercises spoken to a background of ambient music. Helpful for reducing anxiety and physical arousal and for creating a state of internal calm. A Sarah's soothing Australian voice guides the listener through a range of exercises, including deep relaxation, focused concentration, mantra and calming visual imagery. She takes you to beautiful places on this CD.
Mindfulness Meditation CD

Sarah Edelman PhD
Guided meditation exercises from Australian Sarah Edelman. Following an introduction to mindfulness, she takes us through five mindfulness exercises, with beautiful music behind.
Moments of Stillness Cd

Sarah Edelman Phd.
This cd presents a range of guided relaxation and meditation exercises, spoken to a background of gentle, ambient music. Sarah's soothing Australian voice guides the listener to focus on the breath, mantra, visual imagery, affirmation and healing energy. Doing these exercises enables the listener to experience a state of deep physical relaxation and mental stillness. The space between words and thoughts are the key to inner peace, and this CD will greatly assist you acheive that state.
Moon Magic CD

Renee Cashman & Cathy Dean
Meditation music with the magic tones from the voice of Cathy Dean & the powerful sound of the gongs, tibetan singing bowls, bells & chimes by Renee Cashman. Awesome.


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