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Relaxation Music

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A Stones Throw CD

Marilyn Davison
One Spirit,One People,One Earth. Spirit to Spirit we Love. Inspiring music from local artist Marilyn Davison.
Connect in Harmony CD

Various Local Artists
This is am amazing compilation of local artists, available only in store for the unbeliveable price of $10 (Cash only) Part of the proceeds go to an orphanage in Myanmar (Burma)
Moon Magic CD

Renee Cashman & Cathy Dean
Meditation music with the magic tones from the voice of Cathy Dean & the powerful sound of the gongs, tibetan singing bowls, bells & chimes by Renee Cashman. Awesome.
Reiki Hands of Love CD

Perfect music to accompany the healing energy of Reiki, but also for other healing arts such as massage. It is non-intrusive & fades into the background. Very soothing. We also have many other Deuter CD's. Call us on 40 311 482 or come in & we will play for you.
Soothing Music for Sleep CD

Dr Jeffrey Thompson
Delta sleep solution. The Delta brainwave pattern is a slow frequency, naturally present in your brain when you are in deep sleep. After listening to this music with the Delta frequency woven into the soft relaxing music (you won't notice it) your brainwaves naturally "lock" onto the Delta pulses which lead you easily into a deep, restful sleep.
Spirit In Motion CD

Oreade Music
Music for Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Total running time 60 minutes.
The Cosmic Seed CD

Soul Harmonics Orchestra
A deeply relaxing meditative journey, connecting you with rhythms of the earth, and ethereal sounds of the cosmos, including sounds of nature. Instruments include didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, Indian medicine drums, flute, rainsticks, and many more exotic things, including the human voice. It is an amazing journey by local artists, who also conduct regular sound healings, where you can include the vibrations of these instruments in your experience. See Connect Magazine for details.

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