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Chakra Balance Massage

Kim Samuel
Kim offers Chakra Balance Massages with Pure Essential Oils at the Crystal Ball Healing Centre on alternate Sundays. Her treatments also include Reiki or an Angelic Reading. Using an elixir of intuitive hands on healing technique, crystals, sound, affirmations and therapeutic dôTERRA pure essential oils, your 7 main chakras (energy centres) are harmonized and rebalanced promoting a feeling of holistic wellness, of being uplifted, optimistic, rejuvenated, happy, peaceful & calm. Nurture your shining essence with a 1.5 hr session $150 (including take home oils to extend the benefits into your daily life). 15% discount for 1st 90 min appt, or refer a friend & get 2 for 1, both only with a flyer or business card. She also has a special offer of 8 90 minute appoinments for $125 each. You will need to contact Kim for this special to arrange all 8 bookings & payment. Only 1 special at a time. Please book today by calling Kim on 0413 888 084 or the shop on 4031 1482 for an appointment.
Energy Healing in Native American/Shamanic Style + "The Wish Game" & many other modalities

Lorraine Stewart
Lorraine Stewart is an intuitive energy healer, Wish Facilitator/Teacher, body healing masseuse and soul coach together with Interior Alignment- Instinctive Feng Shui She also does Soul Journeys, past life regression healings and house or office energy clearings. Lorraine is in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre every Friday & can be contacted by booking at : Crystal Ball Bookshop : 07 4031 1482 Email – lorrainestewart8@bigpond.com or Mobile - 0402 791 661 Website – Facebook page:: Lorraine’s Heart2Heart Consulting She has promoted Cherokee Indian Bobby Runningfox who in turn put her in touch with her healing abilities, completed Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Course & the Advanced Course. Lorraine is one of Louise Laffey’s original facilitators and more recently teacher of "The Wish Game©" Which is currently being used in Deepak Chopra’s Centre’s where it is played by over 200 people at his Retreats at the Centre and Louise is always invited to attend. For a 60 minute Session cost $80 Or 90 minute Session $120 payable in cash on the day please. Every 10am session on Fridays will be ½ Price To find out more about Lorraine watch this video of an interview with Colleen about her healings and how she may be able to help you - Lorraine Stewart. Here is our video https://youtu.be/MzuuHqF5Ecs
Massage Reiki Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Shane - Magik Hands
Shane is a Reiki Master and Massage Therapist who offers Reiki & Massage treatments and holds workshops for levels I, II, & III in the Usui Reiki System. He is trained in Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reflexology, pure Essential Oils and uses hands on healing with intuitive guidance when working on releasing the blocks that have manifested in our physical bodies. Working with your Chakras and Crystals Shane will balance and harmonise your energy centres and cleanse your Aura with aromatic white sage and a traditional Cherokee prayer Blessing. Shane is in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Please call the shop on 4031 1482 or 0477 523 572 for an appointment. Walk ins are welcomed. Payable by cash on the day please. Reiki / Massage treatment | 60min for $80 or why not treat yourself to some heavenly bliss | 90mins for $110 Reflexology Treatment with foot soak using pure Essential Oils | 45mins for $60 Reiki Workshops with Certificate – Level I $ 250 Level II $ 370 Level III $ 520 Please call 0477 523 572 for inquires on next workshop dates and for treatments on other days. Email – magikhandstherapies@gmail.com
Sabotage Clearing, Goal Activation with Kinesiology, Reiki & Crystal Therapies & Access Bars.

Nicole Thrill Energy Healing
Nicole is a Pellowah Healing Technique© Levels 1 & 2 Teacher & Practitioner, offering Pellowah healing sessions, Pellowah Level 1 & 2 courses & Pellowah attunements (to those who have done level 1 & 2). Nicole is also trained in Sabotage Clearing, EMR (electromagnetic radiation) Clearing & Goal Enhancement using Kinesiology, Access Bars, Crystal therapies and Reiki. Nicole’s practices assist to expand your consciousness, align with a higher vibration, release trauma, clear energy blockages, release limiting thoughts, feelings & emotions, bring clarity of mind, create space for unlimited possibilities & empower you to fulfil your real potential. Pellowah is an energy healing technique that creates a radical shift/expansion in consciousness and the healing acquired is a by-product of the shift in consciousness that occurs. Pellowah is also a powerful tool for personal & spiritual growth. She is available for appointments on alternate Sundays in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre. Nicole offers Pellowah healings, Sabotage Clearing, EMR Clearing or Goal Enhancement with Kinesiology or Reiki sessions for $85 (allow 1 - 1.5 hours), Pellowah Attunements for $40 (attunements only available to those who have done level 1 & 2 course)To Book please contact Nicole via email nicole@pellowahcairns.com or Ph:0417152255 or call the store on 4031 1482 or visit facebook.com/NicoleThillEnergyHealing (cash on the day or you can book & pay with card via my website nicolethillenergyhealing.com)

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